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Monthly Archive: December 2018

Top Clubs in Manhattan

You may be in the Manhattan area for a bachelor party, maybe you are looking for a night out and you are a local or maybe you are in town for the weekend and are looking to have a fun night out and meet new people. Don’t worry, this guide will have you covered and will share with you the top clubs in Manhattan. There are so many different types of nightclubs to choose from. That is why we wanted to share a wide variety with you.  Keep reading to find out what they are.

The first nightclub we want to stoplight is called “Cielo”. This is located in the meatpacking district. Although the door can be a little hard to get through due to its popularity, it’s that way for a reason. This place is a blast any weekend you are there. It has the biggest parties during times like New Year’s Eve and during those times has had many amazing and popular DJ’s shows up and perform. This club even won quite a few Best Club awards. That’s impressive since it has only been open 6 years.

The next club we want to highlight is called “Greenhouse”. It is located in West Village. The name says it all. It’s a very eco-friendly bar that attracts people from all over the world. Who said going green isn’t perfect for the party scene? Not this bar!


Next, “Le Brain” is also located in the Meatpacking District. The best part about is it that it’s a rooftop bar. It’s located on Standard Hotel. It has amazing views of the Hudson River so you will be entertained the entire evening. This bar is not only popular with locals but travelers too.


Our next favorite place to spend a fun Saturday night is called “Pacha”. It’s located in Hell’s Kitchen. This is known as the glam-club of the world. Prepare to see some amazing looks and timeless fashion when you arrive. This club was started by the famous Erick Morillo and many athletes have been spotted here.


Next on our list is called “Rose Bar”. This bar is not a nightclub. In fact, it is much more sophisticated than the others places we have mentioned so far. This is for wealthy visitors that love a bar full of beauty. The ceilings are so impressive and have amazing artwork everywhere. The paintings will make easy conversation with many that evening. Make sure you dress elite while entering this bar or you won’t be allowed in. This luxurious bar has many icons and famous celebrities that visit. It’s no wonder it makes our list. It’s completely different than most other bars and a great experience to visit.  


If you like saying “no” a lot then the next place should not be on your radar. Let’s be honest, saying no is boring anyways. The next bar we are going to talk about is called “House of Yes”. This club is more than just a bar, it has everything you could want and more. It’s been open since 2016 and has parties such as roller-disco and even yoga that have aerialists. It’s a bar you don’t want to say no to or in.


Do you love plant-based foods, drinks and everything in between? Then the next recommendation is for you. This bar is called “Black Flamingo”. It is a plant-based bar that has taqueria and discotheque. This bar has a great Miami look to it is has a perfect dance floor that is sure to get you up and moving in no time.


Who wouldn’t love a cafe and nightclub all in one? That’s why we chose to feature the next place. “Provocateur” has two areas inside it. One is so you can sit on a coffee and listen to alternative-pop music. That area is not open too late. The other rea has an amazing nightclub have has DJs playing that are famous. If you are looking to spend the entire night out, start at the cafe and walk yourself up there and then head over to the nightclub.


The next option we are going to talk about is more simple and fun. “Shrine World Music Venue” has live music each night and has great vintage music that you are sure to know. This bar is known for its delicious food and great drinks that keep going all night long. If you are looking for a more relaxing evening but having fun out with friends, this is your place.


The final spot we want to highlight around the Manhattan area is called “The Box”. This is perfect for those looking for a completely different experience. You will see amazing burlesque dancers that perform to upbeat music. So many of the people that come to The Box are celebrities and models. You will be amazed at how many new people you will meet and the overall sexy vibe the bar has. Don’t plan on leaving early, it keeps getting better throughout the night!


Now that you know a little more about the nightlife in Manhattan are you ready to have an awesome night and try out at least 2 of them? If you want to know more about things you can do in Manhattan or more recommendations on the nightlife here, we have your answers. Contact us today to learn more.